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About Us

More Than Just IT Support

Modern business runs at a frantic pace and is not constrained to an office. Customers, Partners, and Employees need you to meet them on their terms – and that means providing them with multiple, integrated channels of communication and collaboration. If you aren’t able to provide them with alternatives, they’ll find somebody who can. At TTPL, we leverage technology to identify and optimize opportunities where there appear to be none, both for our customers, and yours.

TTPL provides solutions and services to connect, communicate and collaborate with your internal and external customers, partners and peers across your organization.


Connect: TTPL provides expertise in deploying, developing and customizing solutions like content management systems and platforms, demand generation and CRM solutions that help you build a strong brand and market presence using tools and technologies that best fit your needs.

Communicate: Organizations need a cost-effective companywide strategy to maintain strong relationships with partners and customers. TTPL’s CRM solutions and practice can help you customize and deploy any relationship management platform to empower your customer-facing employees.

Collaboration: People and individuals are looking to manage information and collaborate from multiple locations to deliver business value. TTPL provides Microsoft SharePoint services and collaboration expertise to help connect people and manage information across the organization.

We use a global delivery model and to deliver business enabling solutions.  We are working 24X7 to bring to your doorsteps technology innovations that equip you with the skills and frameworks to meet the emerging competitive challenges.

A consistent record of repeat customers is a testimony of our remarkable track record, quality, consistency and outstanding technological prowess.

TechZoid Technologies Private Limited provides organizations of all sizes with the best, most trustworthy IT solutions. In the ever-evolving technology market, we believe that companies need reliable allies who can guide them through the challenges that accompany technological growth. We provide cloud, security and mobility services - to name a few. Contact us today to find out more.

TTPL has been at the forefront of software licensing for over a decade and is a trusted brand for the education industry. We provide licensing, development and consulting solutions for all kinds of business (small, medium, large, corporate, education and government). Our focus has always been towards the education industry. We have very good professional and business relationship with all major software vendors including Microsoft ®, ORACLE ®, Adobe ®, KASPERSKY LABS ®, McAfee ®, Rhino ®, Mathematica ®, Bell Labs ®, Red Hat ®, SPSS ® and many more. Regardless of the nature and size of your business we can provide you with the most suitable solution that is not only cost effective but also helps to achieve business objectives.

We also have expertise in ERP and CRM solutions. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is an integrated collection of modules that helps you to accomplish your business goals. It addresses all the units or departments which your business has, for example accounting and finance, budgeting, Human Resource, Payroll, etc. Since we are focused on the education industry in particular, we deliver ERP solutions which are based on open source technology, scalable and secured. Our ERP experts will help your institution to choose from a set of 20+ modules that will help you to manage Counselling, admission, fee management, student demography, teacher demography, examination, alumni, hostel, health, transport and many more. Our solution is customizable hence as and when the business requirements changes, we make the necessary modifications in the software too. The solutions are available on both online and offline versions. You can host them on cloud and avail it as SAAS or you can deploy the solution on campus. Other than Campus Automation ERP, we also specialize in commercial and non-commercial industrial ERP solutions from open source technology like Fedena ®, LITEROMTM, ERP5 ®, ERPNEXT ®, etc. to proprietary technology, like SAP ®, ORACLE ®, Microsoft ® Business Solutions, Peoplesoft ®, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is also an integrated suite of modules encompassing leads, opportunities, sales, inventory and purchase, asset management, project management, task scheduler, email and SMS management, contacts management, customer management, vendor management, ticket management and many other. It is very beneficial for companies or organizations who want to effectively track their business progress and performance along with ensuring customer satisfaction. Add power to your business by installing a CRM, give us a call or write to us and our industry expert will discuss with you to find the best customizable CRM solution for your business. We are presently partnering with Microsoft ® CRM solutions. We also develop customized CRM solutions to enhance productivity for all kinds of business and at all levels.

TTPL is also in cloud solutions. Whatever business you are, our cloud solutions can help you achieve your business goals in a simplistic and innovative approach. Your mails, documents, presentations, contacts and other business needs can now be accessed globally anywhere anytime. No need to worry about space, hardware or backups. We are presently partnering with Microsoft ® O365 Cloud Solutions. Allow us to tell you how we can help you succeed in your business using cloud technology.

Our industry expert professional consultants follow approved methodologies and business model to undertake and manage your projects. We are not just vendors or suppliers we are a professional team which has a purpose of advancing business by focusing on brand experience and that is what makes us stand away from the crowd - our Silicon Valley thinking. We have proven track record of our customers who are with us for over a decade and still counting, they never bothered to look for a better match!

TTPL can help you in the following ways:

  • Identify the problem areas and work together to develop a plan for improvement

  • Identify the most cost effective and correct business software solution

  • Deliver and maintain not only the solution deployed but we also deliver trust and maintain long lasting relationship


Our Business Model:

The objective of our business model is to create value by applying our expertise in information technology consulting to help our customers achieve their business objectives. Our business model is based on a 5-step process which is analysis, procuring, delivering the solution, hand holding and training and maintaining what has been delivered.

Analyze: Our industry expert consultants first analyze your business and techno-functional requirements before we propose a solution. We never leave our customers alone. We always engage our customers and value their ideas.

Procure: Our role in procurement involves not only being a tactical thinker but as a strategist which will make significant impact to your business by procuring the correct solution from the best in the class vendor at the most relevant pricing structure.

Deliver: We value our customer's time and hence, the sooner the better. We always have maintained our delivery time lines and thus gaining trust from our customers. We also follow best practices delivery methods.

Train: We never leave our customers in the dark. Once the solution is deployed, we arrange a training from the solution's vendor. However, at times when it is not possible, we take the ownership to train you on the solution so that you can start taking its use.

Maintain: As we have stated earlier, it is not only the solution that we maintain, our principle is to maintain long lasting relationships with our customers. That is why we have kept this word Maintain at the top of our business model diagram.

Our Strengths:

  • Our skilled and experienced team members

  • Customer's faith in our services

  • Team retention and customer retention for more than a decade

  • A long list of satisfied customers

  • Opportunity to server more than 1000+ customers

  • Managing 100+ customers for more than a decade

Our Competencies:

  • Microsoft Partner - Volume Licensing

  • Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

  • Symantec Silver Partner

  • Adobe Certified Partner

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