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Real talk on Windows 11

Join Microsoft experts as they discuss their experiences upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 11 and share best practices for automating the upgrade process. You'll learn how to ensure your Windows devices are secure, how to deploy and manage them, and lessons from the "Windows XP" era. Hear real IT pros share thoughts, learnings, and experiences with Windows 11 adoption in commercial organizations.

Recently, I had the pleasure to chat with several IT professionals to understand their perspectives on Windows 11 as the implementers of the modern solutions that enable organizations to be more productive and protected. It was humbling experience to hear from these technical experts from around the world as they shared their thoughts, learnings, challenges, and favorite features related to Windows 11.

The IT pros I talked with work with a diverse, global assortment of organizations across multiple industries. Their roles and responsibilities vary— from system or desktop administrator to IT manager and cloud architect—but their thoughts on Windows 11 have a common thread: now is a great time to make the move to Windows 11. But don't take my word for it. Dive in and hear it straight from them!

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